Fenixera provides consultancy services to individuals and companies operating in Lithuania or Norway.

  • Creating trust in society and addressing important issues is our main guiding principle in delivering services and making decisions;
  • We help businesses and individuals to create the value they seek. Our employees are committed to providing quality tax and consulting services;
  • For corporate convenience, we provide complex solutions, so we provide all the necessary information in one place.

About us

Fenixera in Lithuania is a daughter company of Fenixera AS, successfully working consultancy company in Norway.

We are professionals from various fields, able to help individual customers as well as businesses. Our team is always here to help you. A long-term relationship is extremely important to us, thus we are always there for you – during your hard times and joyful moments. In the last 7 years, our team has collected experience, which helps us provide useful information and answer questions related to finances, business development, accounting.

Fenixera – not only consulting or carefully managed bookkeeping, it is your reliable partner in solving various issues. Fenixera is the bridge for your business between Lithuania and Norway. We can offer integrated solutions “from one hand”.


Our professional accountants will help your company to manage bookkeping. In Fenixera we believe that a smarter way of managing your finances provides better performance of the whole company.

Our goal is an efficient process and high quality. Not only is it important for us to take care of your company’s bookkeeping, but also to ensure that every employee of the company understands the essential principles and essence of the bookkeeping. We advise you on all tax issues. We are well versed in the specifics of our customers’ business, so we guarantee optimal solutions tailored to them.

Fenixera has many years of experience in accounting. We adhere to high Scandinavian standards, therefore our work is rational and effective.

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Accounting cryptocurrencies

  • For your convenience we handle cryptocurrencies accounting so you can count all your money in one place;
  • The money spent on our services is converted into Fenixeros (FNA) tokens and transferred to your personal account during the loyalty program;
  • We will publish our smart bookkeeping program, where you will be able to account all your money, including cryptocurrencies.


We offer complex and sophisticated solutions. We provide international consulting services in different countries tailored to the topicalities and challenges of local markets.

Consultation in Lithuania

  • On business establishment and development in Lithuania;
  • Exporting goods from Lithuania to Norway;
  • Importing goods from Norway to Lithuania;
  • Help for those wishing to go to work in Norway;
  • Help with processing documents after returning from Norway.

Consultation in Norway

  • Consulting on accounting services;
  • Business establishment and development in Norway;
  • Help with opening Start Bank and Sentralt Godkjent in Norway;
  • SKAV, Skatt, NAV documentation;
  • HMS courses and HMS cards ordering.


Learning something new can be due to your personal interests or zeal. However, often learning new languages or deepening professional knowledge ensures both better prospects for improvement and workplace. We encourage people who want to improve and offer several different courses.

English language courses
Norwegian language courses
Lithuanian language courses
HMS safety courses

For more information on specific courses of interest please contact us by e-mail.

Enteron was established as a bridge between Baltic and Scandinavian markets. Our aim is to help customers from Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) find the best offers for goods they need. For customers from Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland) – to make entering Scandinavian market easier, faster and more effective.

The Enteron team is always ready to assist you in various situations. We help not only to better understand the Scandinavian market, but also to more professionally present your products in order to reach a larger number of potential customers. All companies, before entering the Enteron base, are carefully checked, thus ensuring only the highest quality.

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